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Want a Stress Free Sale for Your Home? Pre-Sale Vendor Reports.The Benefits!

Pre-sale vendor reports. They are a good idea and can help the sale!

Pre-Sale Reports for vendors have become an effective and efficient way for home owners to maximise the sale of their properties. Pre-sale Building Reports are prepared specifically by an independent, qualified, licensed building inspector for the vendor to understand the true condition of the property and attend to any problems in advance. 

 The benefits:

  • A Pre-Sale Report will uncover issues that the vendor might not have been aware of before other inspections or reports are arranged on the property. This cuts out the possibility of needed last minute repairs, and possible fall through or delay in the sale.

  • The report allows home owners the option to attend to any issues that may affect the sale price of the property before it goes on the market.

  • They can be an excellent marketing tool in setting the price for the property. Although as building inspectors, we must report on all major defects that are found, at JBI we also want to note the positive aspects/features of the property to assist you in achieving the best sale price possible and we are happy to discuss this with the purchasers. 

  • When the inspection has been done, the interested parties can then purchase the report at a reduced cost. This saves time and hassle during the pre-auction or pre-sale period arranging access for various companies.

  •  A pre-sale report, gives buyers more knowledge about the property in advance meaning they can feel safe to proceed to the auction stage. Justice Building Inspections can give transparency to your potential sale and confidence to everyone involved, from the Real Estate Agent to the Vendor and finally to the Buyer. 


Quick maintenance checklist for inspections and sales:

  • Make sure your pre-sale report involves a pest inspection. The words ‘Termites’ or ‘white ants’ are an automatic red flag for buyers.

  • Replace any cracked or damaged tiles.

  • Patch holes in wall.

  • Fix leaky taps and showers.

  • Fix doors, cupboards and draws that don’t work properly.

  • Replace blown bulbs.

  • Make sure all your drains and gutters cleaned.


Agents, Vendors and Buyers all want a hassle-free home sale, so call us now on 0412 111 512 for a Compliant Pre-sale vendor report by a professional and experienced builder inspector. - 'Our inspection, is your protection'.


Author: Chris Cordony

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