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Water Damaged Ceilings

When water staining is detected to ceiling or wall linings during a standard visual building inspection, the first places to check are the Intersections of the roofing material, degraded roofing material such as broken tiles or rusted/ missing roof sheets and the flashings/ gutters. It should then follow up with an inspection of the roof interior to track the leaks.

If discolouration or damp patches in ceilings are found further investigation should be carried out immediately. As these leaks are usually at the top the list of faults that can cause major damage resulting in costly rectifications. Even small leaks can create damage to ceiling and wall linings and contribute to mouldy damp conditions which are detrimental to health and even cause electrical hazards.

While the majority of the time it may be as simple as a cracked roof tile or a blocked gutter, sometimes the leak is a result of a major structural fault in the construction of the building which requires further investigating to be carried out.

So if you have noticed any discolouration on your ceiling or wall linings you should have it inspected by a licensed building inspector as soon as possible and arrange for repairs to be carried out and avoid any further damage/increased rectification costs.



Author: JBI Admin

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