Pre-Purchase Building/Pest Report


What is a Combined Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Report?

A Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Report, as the name suggests, is a combined inspection carried out before you buy a property. It is a visual inspection of all the building structures on the site, identifying areas of concern relating to the construction and any timber pest activity past or present. Both inspections and reports must comply with Australian Standard No: AS4349.1 and AS4349.3.

Why do you need one?
Due to the fact that most homes contain timber elements in their construction, they are at risk of termite attack. In 2004 a CSIRO survey reported that an average of 30% of Australian homes, are attacked by termites each year.
Our recommendation is to arrange a combined Building and Pest inspection before you exchange contracts, to give you sufficient time to think about the information contained in the report and make an informed decision. Our combined Building and Pest Report carried out on a potential property you wish to buy, can save you time, money and give you the knowledge to purchase the property at a realistic price based on its current condition.

What is carried out?
Building and Pest Reports are carried out at the same time to ensure that the most comprehensive report can be compiled. We use the latest software program, which has been specifically designed for the building and pest industry, together with hand held P.C. device technology, to report on the condition of the building structure and identify any timber pest activity past or present at the time of inspection, the reports produced are fully compliant and detailed. Our reports are generally completed on site and sent the next business day.