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Pre-Purchase Pest Report


What is a Pre-Purchase Pest Report?

A Pre-Purchase Pest Report is extremely important.  Home insurance does not cover termite damage which causes more damage in Australian homes than fire or flood.  In 2004 a CSIRO survey reported that an average of 30% of Australian homes, are attacked by termites each year.  Our Report involves a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the property.  Our fully qualified Pest inspector will highlight any previous pest activity that is evident, and comment on current pest activity, including borers, termites and wood decay if present.  Certain recommendations are also made regarding conditions present on the property, which might encourage future pest activity or damage.

The latest software program, which has been specifically designed for the building and pest industry, together with hand held P.C device technology, is used to report on the condition of the property at the time of inspection,and to produce a fully compliant and detailed report that can be completed on site and sent the next business day. Both inspection and report complies with Australian Standard No: AS4349.3.

Why do you need one?

A Pre-Purchase Pest Report should be carried out in order that if any past or present termite, timber pest damage or conducive conditions are detected by the pest inspector, that they can be checked by a licensed builder to determine if repairs are needed, and a licensed pest controller to determine if any treatment is required.

What is carried out?

Access is the key feature to a Timber Pest Inspection which mainly focuses on structural timbers.  An inspection on all areas of the property including: sub-floor, roof void, internal rooms, external areas such as paths, driveways,fences,tree stumps, garage/carport,pergolas and areas within 50 metres of the building, is carried out.  Signs of Timber Pests including Fungal Decay, Wood Borer damage, and Subterranean Termites are reported on and conducive conditions that can lead to a Timber Pest Attack such as poor sub-floor ventilation, excessive moisture or use of the wrong type of timber that could cause a potentially dangerous situation, are noted.  The inspector may ask to see any paperwork relating to an existing Termite Management Program and recommendations will then be given to help prevent or manage any termite attacks in the future.  The aim of the Pest inspector is to report on the facts and to provide the client with an unbiased opinion of the true condition of the property.