Pre-Sale/Vendor Report


What is a Pre-Sale Vendor Report?

Pre-Sale Reports for vendors, have become an effective and efficient way for home owners to rectify any  issues they might have BEFORE other inspections or reports are arranged on the property.  They are similar to Pre-Purchase Building Reports but are prepared specifically for the vendor to understand the true condition of the property and attend to any problems in advance.  Agents, Vendors and Buyers all want a hassle-free home sale.  Any defects are summarized for easy access and if necessary repair costs can be provided.  We have a database of loyal experienced contractors who have worked with us for many years that we can recommend and that are always available to carry out rectification works, if needed.

Why do you need one?

It is now common practice for Real Estate Agents to refer their clients to Building Inspection Companies prior to the home going on the market.  A Pre-Sale Inspection Report can become an excellent marketing tool in setting the price for your own home.  A Pre-Sale Report will uncover issues that the vendor might not have been aware of, and cut out the possibility of needed last minute repairs, and possible reductions in buyer’s offer, holding up the sale.

What is carried out?

Using the latest software program, which has been specifically designed for the building and pest industry, together with hand held P.C device technology, to describe the condition of the property at the time of inspection, a fully compliant and detailed report is compiled, that can be completed on site and sent the next business day. Both inspection and report comply with Australian Standard No: AS4349.1.  Any areas that need immediate attention or are considered dangerous, will be highlighted.

When the inspection has been done, the interested parties can then purchase the report at a reduced cost.  This saves you time during the pre-auction or pre-sale period arranging access for various companies.

Buyers know more about the property in advance and can feel safe to proceed to the auction stage.  Justice Building Inspections can give transparency to your potential sale and confidence to everyone involved, from the Real Estate Agent to the Vendor and finally to the Buyer.